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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Member Rugs: Patti's "Plymouth Rock and Roll"

Heritage Rug Hooking member Patti Marken's latest rug was made with wool, including alpaca for the body of the rooster.

*photo credit: Ron Marken


  1. What joyful colors...a very plucky bird, indeed. Well done, Patti.

  2. well done blog liv and rita. lots of hard work....but its so great to have our own it. Perhaps when Diane goes out east she can be our eastern correspondent.???? and what about Jan and Florence keeping us up to date on the Regina happenings........

  3. Hi Patti and others
    Thanks for including me in this new "blog" - I have never "blogged" before - so I am not quite sure how it all works - but I am certainly enjoying learning more about the Saskaoon Rug Hookers and seeing the beautiful products of your time together. I am still working slowly on my first project - but plan to continue - I think the artistic cover of one of the Be Good Tanyas CD's would make a lovely next project - I wonder about copyright for something like that?
    Talk soon or "blog on"?

  4. Hi Margaret,
    I'm no copyright guru, but I think if you checked the cover design and art credits for their album, you could contact the artist him or herself by looking them up online. He/she may be flattered. However, having said that, you can copy whatever you want, as long as you aren't distributing it. So, you could make the rug, but then to turn around and make a profit off of it or its image (i.e. postcards of it or putting it on the internet with the intent of selling it) would be a bit dodgy. Just making a rug for yourself is no problem. If you post it to the blog eventually, we can just credit and link to the artist/inspiration.

  5. The web page looks great. I went to a braiding class on Sat. Now I am really excited about adding the braid to my rug .I'll let you know how it goes.Happy Easter to all!