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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Over Tan Challenge

Wanda Kerr challenged her readers to experiment with over-dyeing tan wool.

Dorr #46 wool was used, which is camel-coloured, but any new or recycled tan could be used. Over 1/4 yard of tan, 1/16 teaspoon of dye was used. Each dye pot had only one colour of dye: Majic Carpet dyes Red, Red Violet , Moss Green, Blue, Bottle Green, Reddish Brown and Orange, as well as Pro Chem Teal and Cranberry. A small piece of natural-coloured wool was added to each pot for comparative purposes.

The results? The colours dyed over tan have a richness and depth that is not apparent in the colours produced from natural (white) wool. One of the most pleasing aspects is that the colours are all related due to the common base colour, so they blend together well and can be used together in a rug. All of the colours were "yellow influenced" by the tan wool.

The dyeing process was simple, as only one dye was used in each batch. It would be interesting to repeat the process with other base-coloured wools such a pastel blue or pink. The experiment produced beautiful, useable colors. --Rita

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  1. I love the pinks and goldy colours on the top. What would that top one be? Rhubarb?