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Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Formula

Wanda Kerr offers interesting dyeing challenges and insights on her site.

After finishing some other dyeing, I attempted her challenge to make a new formula. She asked that we choose two dyes- one we love and one we hate.

I chose a dull gray-green Pro Chem dye called Evergreen as the dye I like. I certainly did not like my second choice, Pro Chem Magenta, a screechingly harsh pink. I mixed equal small amounts in a dye bath and dyed Dorr natural wool, with very little stirring.The photo shows the result.

The green, a compliment to red, dulled the magenta to a red violet. This colour will be useful in a small mat I am making about the Painted Desert of Arizona.

The process and result were interesting and I will try new combinations in future dyeing sessions. Through this type of experimentation, we can learn more about colour and dyes and at the same time, add to our hand-dyed wool stash. If you don't like the resulting colour, you can always over-dye! -- Rita

*photo credit: Rita

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