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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Book Review

Miriam Miller pioneered the revival of "proggy" and "hooky"* rugs in Australia. She has just released a wonderful book on her work and that of the Narrawilly Proggy Ruggers who meet at her home: Proggy and Hooky Rugs (National Library of Australia, 2008. ISBN 9780646488721).

Featured in contemporary art galleries in Australia, Miriam’s body of work breathes life, joy, and colour galore. There are sections on design, dyeing, finishing, flowers, and even plastic bath mats. Patterns are included. The section I most enjoyed dealt with children’s hooking. It is an uncomplicated book, with fairly easy-to-do projects. I recommend it for beginners.

Both Rita and I have copies of the book, if you would like to borrow one. I will bring mine to the Watrous festivities.

* “Proggy” is proddy; “Hooky” is hooking.


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