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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Retreat: First Annual?

Harmony House at Manitou Beach rolled out the welcome mat for the 10 members who attended the retreat. We had ‘The Annex’ all to ourselves- several bedrooms and bathrooms, a deck, a kitchen and a large area to set up our frames for hooking.

Breakfast was served in the main building, a lovely setting with antiques galore. The food was scrumptious and healthy. Patti planned and shopped for the other meals and was chief cook- and what a fine job she did! The Friday supper menu included Rosemary/Lemon or Asian Roast Chicken, freshly picked asparagus, Peanut Spice Noodles, Wild Rice Salad, Chocolate Mousse and strawberries and cream. Saturday supper featured Glazed Ham, Smashed Potatoes, an Indian vegetarian dish, green beans and a raspberry dessert. Lunches consisted of cold meats, salads, cheeses and vegetable and fresh fruit trays.

Manitou Beach has many interesting features. Some of us visited the mineral pool, antique and craft shops, Danceland and Camp Easter Seal.

A highlight of the retreat was learning Wanda’s Wandering dye method. BettyAnn has been very successful in using this method for the sky and mountains in her moonlit, winter pictorial, so she agreed to teach us. The resulting wool was beautifully colored.

Throughout the weekend we shared stories and laughter and enjoyed the company of friends with similar interests. Some hooked a lot, while others hooked a little- but everyone had a good time.


Photo credits: Artwork, Harmony House, by Michael R. Gaudet. Photo of landscape Jorgio El Zein. Hooking in action photo by Rita.

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