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Sunday, January 3, 2010

What Colour Is Snow?

Here is Wanda Kerr’s suggestion for dyeing wool to use in hooking snow.

“You can make snow using any dyes and most dye colours. Blues, greens, purples make a cold day. Browns, blacks, yellows make dirty snow. You can also combine these two colour camps for interesting result. The thing to remember is don't use very much dye but put in lots of water to spot dye. You can pot dye this too but be sure to have a bit of constriction of wool in pot to create interesting splotches."

"For a half yd of natural use 3 or 4 colours spotted, about 1/256th each in 1 cup of water. That is light snow but you can increase the measure to create slightly darker snow, each time you double the measure it increases towards darkness by one value.”

Hint: There is no measuring spoon for 1/256 teaspoon, so mix 1/128 teaspoon of dye in 2 cups of water, but only use 1 cup of this. One half of 1/128 = 1/256.


image credit: Green Mountain Hooked Rugs

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