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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anna Lajeunesse's Rug


Attached is a photo of a rug made by Anna Lajeunesse (maiden name Brullotte), my great grandma, in 1980. She gave it to me when I was born. i don't remember the woman because she died when I was very young. My parents and grandparents say that she made around 500 rugs. Most she donated to family and friends as gifts though she did sell a few. My parents still have the rug she made them for their wedding. Many of my relatives still have the rugs she made.

Anna was born in Quebec but moved to Debden, SK where she lived most of her life. Let me know if you'd like more information about her or more photos of her rugs.

I tell you this because I briefly met you at the Sundog craft sale in December. I told you about my great grandma's rugs and you said that you'd like a photo to put on a rug hookers website. Thank you for your interest.

Take care
Reanne Lajeunesse

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