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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Colour Experimentation Part 5

Color Hunter is amazing. Upload an image, and it breaks it down into colours for you. Here, I've tried it with the group's Leaf Rug!

Colour Experimentation Part 4

Peter Piper's Palette Picker

Colour Experimentation Part 3

Try myPANTONE, Pantone's member ideas for colour combinations. The most popular member is Pantone itself, which has some beautiful colour combinations.

Colour Experimentation Part 2

Here is another site for colour inspiration.

Colour Experimentation Part 1

Here is an interesting site for experimenting with colour. Choose a bar of colours and your choice will be shown in fabric designs. This could be useful in colour planning a rug.

E-Bay Wool Seller

Susan has purchased hand-dyed wool from wpd74 "Olde Scotties Primitive" on E-Bay, and she was pleased with the quality.

Member Rugs: Gloria's Trip to Newfoundland

Here is a wall hanging recently completed by Gloria. It is a pleasant reminder of her trip to Newfoundland.

With a Little Help from My Friends

Here is the completed rug. It was auctioned at a fund-raiser for the Sherbrooke Centre. It was an interesting project, with many members participating in the designing, dyeing, hooking and binding.