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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beginner's Project: Rita's Students Terry Lynn and Bert

I recently taught a two-day class in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Since most of the participants had only begun hooking in the fall and had no formal instruction, I concentrated my lessons on developing good techniques for hooking various forms,  backgrounds and finishing. I had also asked students to bring the piece that they were working on to see if I might make suggestions. 
Much too my surprise, two students brought large rugs that I recognized immediately as a design from the Rug Hookers' Bible
Terry Lynn and Bert hold up their beginner's project.
These two, Terry Lynn and Bert, had dyed a whole bolt of wool and were doing a fantastic job on their first major piece. I was so very impressed by their courage and confidence, and by the beautiful results. 
Now what do you think of this for a beginner's project?


  1. Hi! I'm a wanna-be. I would like to drop in and watch & ask lots of questions - maybe the next meeting? Is that okay?
    : )
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  2. That's just fine, Monika! Sorry -- I didn't notice your post until now.