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Monday, July 23, 2012

Rug Aid

Internationally-known rug maker and former occupational therapist and social worker, the UK's Heather Ritchie, started an organization called "Rug Aid" to teach men, women, and children who are visually impaired, or who are affected by a family member's visual impairment, to make beautiful rugs and wall hangings. 

Rug Aid is not-for-profit. Rugs are made with recycled materials and sold direct and locally.  At some point in the future, rugs will be exported to sell via fair trade organizations. 

The site notes that rug makers are encouraged "to draw on the stories of their lives - families, animals, friends, transport, homes, schools - as well as the colours, patterns and textures of their environments, both rural and urban, to produce beautiful and very saleable works of art which will bring pleasure to both the creator and the purchaser."

Ernest's rug
"Ernest Faal, a Rug Aid trainee since the first workshop, made this rug which shows two African huts. He sold it to some tourists who visited the workshop while Heather was in The Gambia."
You can donate to Rug Aid here.  Patti was wondering whether this would be a good fundraiser for the Heritage Rug Hookers.

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